Captain Sven Skute
Skrivet av P.Stebbins Craig   
2006-04-15 12:20

Chronology of Colonial Swedes
on the Delaware 1638-1713

by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig 

The Swedish Nation, 1656-1681

1656 - Mercurius arrives from Sweden in March, carrying 14 Swedes and 92 Finns. After Dutch refuse to allow ship to pass Fort Casimir, the Indians climb aboard and usher the ship to Tinicum Island, where the passengers land. The ship, including its commander (Johan Papegoja), safely returns to Sweden. The Dutch are persuaded to grant the Swedes and Finns self-government in the area north of Christina River. In August, the first court is ap-proved, consisting of Olof Stille, Mats Hansson from Borgå, Peter Cock and Peter Rambo. First militia headed by Captain Sven Skute, Lt. Anders Dalbo and Ensign Jacob Svensson. Newly-arrived Finns settle at Marcus Hook and Bochten (Verdrietige Hook).



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