Star of Finland Outing
Skrivet av San Francisco Call   
2014-04-12 18:32

A clip from San Francisco Call, California, vol. 87, no 149, April 28, 1902

(Finlands Stjärna)

Edited by Elof Granholm 12.04.2014

Star of Finland Outing.
The Star of Finland Society pleasantly entertained a large number of guests at Shell Mound Park yesterday. Races and pie and apple eating, contests furnished much excitement and amusement for those present, aside from the customary concert and dancing. The arrangements were in charge of E.A. Sundlof, J V. Westerlund, N. W. Wickland. W. Johnson, John Blomquist, A. K. Hermanson, G. Blomquist, E. Staff, A. Johnson, Ida Nesman,  Anna Carlson, Olga Nesman, Aina Mattson, Hilma Westerlund and Alina Wicklund.

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