Finnish Churches in New York
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Finnish Churches in New York

Athens - National
A Finnish congregation
In Catskill along Hudson River.
Worked for over 30 years. Joined the Finnish National Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1926. No church building. 18 members in 1949.

Barnes Corner - Apostolic ("Independent")
American church, founded by F. N. Prounty. Also called "Adams".
Joseph Freeman

Svensk-Finska Evangeliska Bethlehemsförsamlingen i Bronx
A Swedish Finn church founded in 1902 (with praying activity in Bronx and Harlem since 1897). A church was rented in 1904 and was bought in 1907.
M. Josefson
J. Tinell
A. Hällis
E. O. Hedberg
V. Öblom
F. R. Malm
V. Öblom
A. L. Anderson
E. Holmblad

Svensk-Finska Lutherska församlingen i Bronx
A Swedish Finn church founded Jan 1, 1919 when the "Lutherska Johannesförsamlingen i Brooklyn" was divided. A church building was bought in 1927. A total of 412 members in 1930.

Brooklyn - Congregational
Finnish Golgotha Congregational Church
There still exists a "Suomalainen Lähetyskirkko" ( Finnish Mission Church ) organization, which started many Finnish Congregational Churches in numerous states in America. The Eastern Conference still remains, and they held their 100th Annual Conference in So.Carver, MA last June. These churches received funding from the old Congregational Home Mission Society, and the first Finnish pastors came from the Evangelical Free Church organization in Finland. I believe this group had its beginnings among Swedish speaking Finns, and probably had early connections in Sweden and England.

These churches were established from New England, thru the Mid-West, and even Calif. The earliest ( 1891 ) was in Ashtabula, OH, and there was one in Brooklyn, NY ( 1912 ), another in Los Angeles ( 1921 ) - - - with possibly over 38 total churches, not counting several in Canada. Many have since become assimilated, and changed their names to conform to services in English, etc.

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Finnish Golgotha Congregational Church

Bethel Missionsförsamling i Brooklyn
A Swedish Finn church founded Jan 1, 1900. An apartment was rented in 1901 at Third Avenue and a church was bought later.
M. Josefson (1900-)
G. Blomgren
Ivar Hendrickson
E. Danielson
Aug. Willandt (1905-)
Alex Hällis (1909-1912)
Aug. Willandt (1912-1923)
A. R. Lindblade (1923-1925)
O. E. Edwards (1916-1928)
Verner Wickström

Lutherska Johannesförsamlingen i Brooklyn
A Swedish Finn church founded Sep 20, 1913. A church building on Cumberland Street was rented and in 1916 the church moved to the Finnish church at Sunset Park. The church was organized in two departments, one for Brooklyn and the other for Bronx. In 1919 the departments separated in two different churches, one for Brooklyn and one for Bronx. A church building was bought. A total of 141 members in 1930.
A. Holm (1913-1914)
John Eastlund (1913-) (vicepastor)
John Gullans (1914-1924)
Gustav A. G. Carlson (1924-1927)
Walter Blomquist (1929-1930)
A. Walfred Anderson (1930-)

Brooklyn - Suomi Synod
Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church

Englewood - Unknown
Finnish Bethel Congregational Church

Harlem - Suomi Synod
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation

Long Island - Unknown
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Manhattan - Suomi Synod
Finnish Evangelic[Source: RW]

Mount Vernon - National
A Finnish congregation

New Rochelle - National
A Finnish congregation
A suburb of New York.
Founded in 1914.

New York - Lutheran
Founded about 1886. A church was bought. It was soon lost because of a drunken pastor, etc.
J. W. Lähde

New York - Baptist
A Swedish Finn church founded Oct 3, 1905. The church was dissolved in 1909.
G. A. Schugren (1906-1908)
J. A. Kallman (1908)
M. Mattson
Axel Edwards

New York - Baptist
A Swedish Finn church founded Mar 20, 1909. An old house was bought in the corner of Cypress Avenue and East 137th Street. A church was taken into use in 1929. A total of 128 members in 1930.
Albert Esselström (1909-1910)
Axel Edwards (1910-)
Erik Janson (1911-1912)
Isak Roy (1912- (14 years)
J. A. Kallman (-1931-)

New York
Finnish Seamen's Mission
Suomen merimieslähetys
Finska sjömansmissionssällskapet
Founded in 1887.
Emil Panelius (1887-)
Alfred Gröning

New York - National
A Finnish congregation
Founded in Nov. 1921 by pastor G. A. Aho. Joined the Finnish National Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1922. 165 members in 1949.
Gerhard I. Aho (-1949-)

New York - Pentecostal
Founded in 1920s.
Pekka Nuutinen

New York - Suomi Synod
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation

New York - Suomi Synod
A Finnish congregation
Founded in Dec. 1903. A pastor from the Seaman's Church who temporarily took care of the independent church joined it to Suomi Synod in 1910.
M. Kivi (1903-)

New York - Unknown
Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church

New York
Finn Church of New York

New York-Brooklyn - Apostolic ("Esikoiset")
Members: abt. 50 (in 1946).

Newfield - Apostolic ("Lutheran")

Spencer - National
A Finnish congregation
Tioga County
Founded by pastor P. Wuori in 1920. He moved away and the church discontinued.

Spencer - Suomi Synod
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

Van Etten - Suomi Synod
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Van Etten - Suomi Synod
St. John's Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church

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