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2006-03-05 08:55
Passenger Contract for Zacrias Snickarspojke




The contract is issued July 15, 1881 by Charles A. Berglund as the agent for D. & C. MacIver, Liverpool. The 32 year old emigrant Zacrias Snickarspojke from Finland has paid 147.60 Swedish Crowns to go from Gothenburg to Ashtabula, Ohio. The departure day from Gothenburg is the same day as the contract is issued. At the bottom of the form is a signature of a representant for the police in Gothenburg, assuring the contract is written in accordance to the law.


The text on the right side of the contract:

I the undersigned, Ch. A. Berglund hereby engage to forward [ ... ] rein mentioned emigrants from Gothenburg to Ashtabula, Ohio for the sum of 147.60 Kronor, being payment in full, inclusive landing expenses in America.

The departure from here will take place in a Royal Mail Steamer on the 15 July 1881.
From Gothenburg the passengers are forwarded on steerage place to Hull, and further, never later than twelve hours after the custom [ ... ] examination, to Liverpool, in third class carriages on the railroad. With the first steamer belonging to the Cunard Line (the Cunard Steamship Company Limited) the departure from Liverpool will take place never later than eight days from the arrival there.

In the above payment is included: Steerage place in the Steamers and third class carriages on the railroads. - Forwarding of luggage with 10 cubic-feet, half for children, also good and sufficient food from Gothenburg to the landing place in America free lodgings in Hull and Liverpool.

Should this contract on my part not be fullfilled or any misinterpretation there of [ ... ] on either side, then I bind and declare myself willing to [ ... ] to need abide by stipulations comprised in the 5:the Sections, 5:th Classe of the Government Emigrant Regulation of 5:th February 1869.


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