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2005-10-13 07:56

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Beverley Timgren has been serving as a gentle witness for Christ in southern Lebanon and northern Israel for the better part of the last 20 years. A dental hygienist with a heart for people caught in the Middle East's ongoing conflict, she has been instrumental in setting up dental clinics to help those without access to care and has been a bridge to provide other needed services to multitudes of people who would have been left behind without her intercession. After years of ministry in the Marjayoun district of South Lebanon, Beverley was forced to leave the area in May 2000 when Israeli peacekeeping troops withdrew, allowing the South Lebanese Army to collapse and Hizballah militia members to move in. Since then she has been instrumental in helping arrange relief for thousands of Lebanese refugees who have sought asylum in Israel. Her story is best told in the newsletters listed at the left and articles listed below.

Operation Blessing

World Magazine articles:

Middle East Street Brawl, 11/4/00
Fenced In, 3/24/01
Casualty of 'peace', 3/24/01
So close, yet so far away, 4/7/01

A Brief History in Beverley's own words

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